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Who? I teach data visualization and information design to undergraduates at the University for the Graphic Arts in London.


And? I’m also a consultant to some U.K. companies that are developing information-based products. My book “Information and Art” will be published next year. (Assuming that I get on and finish it!)


EightbyEight If you love football, you will love this magazine. Beautifully designed and illustrated, front to back.


John Grimwade and I have a lot in common. Well, we’re both British, teach information graphics, and we both have beards.


Earth Cake Make a diagram of the Earth’s core, then eat it.


Dance steps I’m not much of a dancer, but maybe this approach could teach me to dance the Argentine tango in five minutes. Anyway, it‘s a great idea. By Stefanie Posavec, who is also speaking at IC 14, March 14.


Future Control The future in the palm of your hand? If not this, then something like it.

Future Control

Beardface A font made from beards. Er… why not?


Ben Fry’s Fathom gets into Nike+ FuelBand data.


Build Creative London-based studio. Love their bold, graphic style.


2RISE Experimental information interface.


Selfiecity Perhaps the subject is not that important to the history of the earth, but the interface is interesting, and fun.


Moritz Stefaner was one of the collaborators on this. He’s also speaking at IC14 in Zeist.

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